Sunday 17 July 2016

போனஸ் (PLI) குறித்து NFTE நிலைப்பாடு - நமது BSNLEU - CHQ....

Unwaranted controversy on PLI issue. 

NFTE has once again blamed BSNLEU on the PLI issue and unnecessarily has once again raked up a controversy. Hence, we are duty bound to reply. BSNLEU did not accept the meagre 2 digit PLI, offered by the CMD BSNL. Further, notice for PLI Committee meeting was issued on 29.03.2016 and meeting was conducted on 30.03.2016. This was insulting the Recognised Union. So, BSNLEU protested. 

Fact of the matter is, in the PLI Committee meeting held on 30.03.2016, the President, NFTE, accepted the meagre amount of PLI. The same President, NFTE, went to the Director (HR) on 31.03.2016 and told that the meagre amount of PLI is not acceptable to NFTE. Thus, it was NFTEwhich accepted the meagre amount of PLI on 30.03.2016 and again it was the same NFTE which rejected the meagre amount of PLI on 31.03.2016. When this being the fact, then why NFTE is trying to make BSNLEU the scape-goat.  

These facts can be known from the following updatings on NFTE's website. 
NFTE website updating dated 30.03.2016.The leader staff side stated that the quantum of moneyis too meager but we are not rejecting the proposal. 

NFTE website updating dated 31.03.2016.
President along with Comrades Rajamouli and H.N. Sharma, C.S. met Director (HR) and discussed the following issues. (1) Relaxation of eligibility condition for same batch TTAs including SC/ST for JTO LICE (2). Meager amount of PLI will not be acceptable to us. 

BSNLEU’s appeal: Festival season is only a few months away. Management is neither convening the meeting of the PLI Committee for framing new PLI formula, nor is it having the mindset to pay reasonable PLI to the employees this year. So need of the hour is, both theRecognised Unions should unitedly fight and get justice to the employees on PLI issue.  

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